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I  N  S  P  I  R  A  T  I  O  N

My work reflects my fascination with the patterns of life and growth, with the mechanisms of survival, with the total functionality of evolution.  Evolution is awesome. I love to explore the why of things.

I also love the patterns created by the transition of energy from one medium to another.  erosion, clouds, wind bent trees, sand patterns, waves and life forms.


I come from Riverside Community which is near Motueka at the top of the south island of New Zealand. I live with my partner, [Oh! I mean wife, so cool! I am recently married to the wonderful Damara and daughter Kiwa.

I am born and bred here at Riverside.  Riverside is a very cool place.  Quite different...

I feel incredibly lucky to live here  At Riverside and in the Tasman region.  we are surrounded by beautiful farm lands and magnificent national parks encompassing vast tracts of land from the mountains to the sea.  I have three grown boys, well young men who drag me off rock climbing, mountaineering, caving, and exploring.  They are way more hard core than me.  I love that I can jump in a car and in half an hour be in some place that I have never explored

Creatively I work in Recycled copper, other metals, wood, rocks, ceramics, landscapes and trees.

I set up the Riverside cafe in 2000, a big project that called on all my creative skills and kiwi farm boy resourcefulness.  The Cafe was widely acclaimed and in effect became a portfolio of my work.  The Riverside cafe is doing awesomely well, it is a few meters from my gallery and studio at the entrance to Riverside.

Housed within the cafe grounds is my collection of cacti and bonsai.  The cacti collection is of national significance and contains some of the largest specimens in New Zealand I grow cacti and sell them on a bench in the cacti greenhouse.

I maintain a display of Bonsai at the Riverside cafe, it is a rotating collection of trees from my bonsai nursery and home garden Bonsai is where my sculptural and horticultural worlds come together.

I love working with trees, On the farm here at Riverside I am in the process of establishing forest cover over our harder to manage and riparian areas.  This farmscaping project, is a huge ongoing effort which will ultimately result in a functional, diverse and beautiful farm ecosystem... link...A work of art on a massive scale. 

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